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Mass Effect 3 Won't Support ME2 Xbox 360 Cloud Saves

Jonathan Lester
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Mass Effect 3 | Xbox 360

Mass Effect 3 Won't Support ME2 Xbox 360 Cloud Saves

The thrill of porting your own Commander Shepard into Mass Effect 3 is almost too exciting to bear, but EA has confirmed that the process could potentially hit a snag on the Xbox 360. Mass Effect 3 won't be compatible with the Xbox 360's cloud-saving functionality - meaning that you'll need to physically move your Mass Effect 2 save files onto your new hard drive via a flash drive or transfer cable. Bizarrely, you'll have to transfer the cloud save back to your original hard drive: if you move them via the Cloud, the file won't be supported.

This won't be a problem if you happen to have your original hard drive, but those whose HDDs have failed won't be unable to salvage their data. EA acknowledges that this  may be a "great setback" for some unfortunate players, though have yet to confirm whether a fix is in the works.

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