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Mass Effect 3

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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Hands-On Preview | The Space Opera's Biggest Crescendo

Matt Gardner
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Mass Effect 3 | PC | Playstation 3 | Xbox 360

Mass Effect 3 Hands-On Preview | The Space Opera's Biggest Crescendo

Mass Effect 2, which I've been playing through again in  large amounts of late, has a bewitching effect on me. I know the story isn't as good as that of the first game. I realise that I don't really care about half of the characters in the second game, that there are no 'Virmire moments' that have me yelling exclamations at the screen. It's plain to see that this game quite literally phones in the plot twist. But, when I play it, I don't care. Genuinely. I've gone through it three times now (just started round four), and for all of the gripes that I have with the game on reflection, for all of the inadequacies that the RPG fan in me cries at, I cannot get away from the intense feeling of excitement that swarms over me every time I play the damn thing.

It's causing major ambivalence as I sit through this Mass Effect 3 presentation. On the one hand, buzzwords like 'accessiblity' and 'self-contained narrative' are freaking me out ever so slightly. On the other hand, Shepard's just jumped into a massive mech, the powers menu has three times the number of options Mass Effect 2 had, and the music is making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Yes, as the demo progresses and Shepard offers to rescue a vent-dwelling young urchin, I begin to realise that BioWare has ransacked every butchers' shop for all of the ham in the entire world, but even so I can feel a little squeak of excitement bubbling up inside me that threatens to override all of my journalistic principles.

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