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Mass Effect £6.49 @ CoolShop [PC Game]

Felix Kemp
Mass Effect, PC games, Role playing game
Mass Effect | PC

Mass Effect £6.49 @ CoolShop [PC Game]

Traverse the galaxy and prevent an organic-genocide by purchasing Mass Effect on the PC for £6.49 from CoolShop!

Dunked into a price-comparison, CoolShop's deal for Mass Effect rose to the top as the cheapest available. Delivery is included in the price, as well! Ported from the Xbox 360, with updated graphics and a re-designed control and inventory system, Mass Effect earned an 89/100 on MetaCritic, and was awarded with three perfect scores from VideoGamer, Gamespy and G4TV.

In Mass Effect, players take control of John Shepard, an Alliance marine who becomes the first human Spectre, an interspecies elite agency, tasked with detaining a rogue Spectre called Saren. Shepard is given command of the U.S.S. Normandy, and with it ventures across the galaxy, exploring new, old and forgotten planets, and uncovering a secret that may hold the key to the galaxy's survival, or its destruction.

Mass Effect is a typical Bioware game. It has an excellent story spanning the length and breadth of the galaxy, with enough varied and interesting characters and sub-plots to put an entire studio's worth of soap-operas to shame. The vistas are reminiscent of Star Trek, with snow-swept tundras giving way to tropical, mossy shores, and the 80s-themed score, with wonderful techno riffs and synthesised beats, evokes the likes of Blade Runner and its ilk.

Controls are fairly intuitive, improving upon the somewhat clumsy Xbox 360 layout, and the gameplay can verge on being great, but is often merely competent. The dialogue system, where players choose from a variety of responses and moods, is fun and empowering, although Shepard's stiff performance and the occasionally glitchy animation dulls what is mostly an impressive presentation.Mass Effect £6.49 @ CoolShop [PC Game]

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