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Mass Effect £7.93 @ The Hut [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Mass Effect | Xbox 360

Mass Effect £7.93 @ The Hut [XBox 360 Games]

Although the near-unanimous verdict is that Mass Effect 2 was a massive leap forward and improved upon the original title, the first remains a fantastic testament to the skill and flair of Bioware and is well worth re-visiting.

There's a plethora of retailers offering the game for £9.99 but the Hut are the only one willing to dip below this threshold at the moment with their £7.93 price tag.

Mass Effect has a stronger rpg feel to it than its sequel, while the combat is a fair bit weaker. I personally enjoy spending some time scrolling through vast swathes of armour and weapons, comparing and contrasting and building an ultimate set-up. Dreadful though some of the interfaces were in the original, this was something that I really missed in Mass Effect 2.

It's a great looking game that hasn't really suffered from the passing of time but it does offer up hilariously bad texture pop-in at times. The soundtrack is superb with nice futuristic music (and the best ending song in a game ever) and truly exceptional voice acting, especially if you play as fem-Shep. While the combat is not up to the standards of the best shooters and lacks the feeling of authenticity that you get in the sequel, it is still perfectly serviceable and a lot of fun, especially if you have a biotic or two in your party.Mass Effect £7.93 @ The Hut [XBox 360 Games]

If you have already played Mass Effect 2 then returning to the original may feel like a step back but it is still well worth the effort to experience the full story leading up to the events of the sequel and for the wonderful collection of characters that you will encounter. And rubbish though the Mako was, I for one miss heading out into the wilderness of an unexplored planet with just a souped up bumper car between me and the elements.

Thanks to Alena at Hotukdeals!

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