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Mass Effect £7.99 @ Gameplay & Gamestation [Xbox 360 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Mass Effect | Xbox 360

Mass Effect £7.99 @ Gameplay & Gamestation [Xbox 360 Games]

The first part in BioWare's epic space saga, sees Commander Shepard receiving a dangerous mission to track down a rogue spectre agent and whilst doing so he discovers a far more ominous threat returning to our corner of the universe.

Gameplay and Gamestation are parting with copies of the game for £7.99, which'll make you a saving of almost £2 on the next best deal of £9.89 coming in from Sendit.

The story is second to none, and introduces us to a range of charismatic characters and memorable races, which isn't an easy thing to do well in a new sci-fi series.

The gameplay consists of blasting away at enemies in a third person view and investigating the goings on of the planets you explore by conversing with the various locals you come across. Your first task though'll be designing your version of Commander Shepard in the awesome character generator, which has so many different options you can tweak and customise.

Combat is made easier by your two team mates, provided you've picked the right two characters to assist you in the load out menu before you land on a planet, as they each have different weapons and power abilities.

There are numerous conversation options, including Renegade and Paragon actions, which'll have an impact on things in the universe depending on the way you're playing the game.

My only criticisms about the game would be the endless hours you have to spend trawling around the universe comparing weapons and armour statistics in order to outfit both yourself and your crew with the best possible offensive and defensive technology, and the sections where you're rolling across a planet's surface in the Mako quickly become repetitive and therefore tedious.

Needless to say the pros outweigh the cons, in what in my opinion is one of the best games to have been released in recent years. Now's also a great time to pick up a copy seeing as the Bringing Down the Sky add-on, which introduces you to the hardened Batarian race, has just been reduced to 80 Microsoft Points.

Thanks to crgglerock @ HUKD

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ODB  Jul. 6, 2010 at 09:52

picked this up the other week and have only played 10 mins (RDR is my life at the mo) but I'll give it a proper shot...but seriously, is it THAT good?


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