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The Mass Effect Diaries, Chapter 4

Felix Kemp
Features, Mass Effect
Mass Effect

Entry 3, Freedom’s Progress, 2185

It is dark when we arrive on Freedom’s Progress. The shuttle drops us off in a wide-open space, box-like buildings scattered around a concrete courtyard of varying levels, lampposts the only source of light in the darkness.

We proceed into what I can only assume is a house. Lights flicker as we enter, plates and cutlery still on the tables. It’s as if they simply vanished. Miranda remarks on the lack of bodies or structural damage. No obvious signs of conflict. Curious.

The Mass Effect Diaries, Chapter 4

We pass through blast-doors into another compound. Almost immediately we are beset on all sides by LOKI mechs. But the security systems were supposed to be inactive, and why would the mechs suddenly perceive us as the threat? We deal with the hostiles efficiently, and pass on to the next area. Miranda discovers the mechs were reprogrammed to attack on sight. Someone else is on Freedom’s Progress, and they don’t appreciate the company.

In a laboratory we encounter a squad of Quarian soldiers. Guns are drawn, and both sides stare each down the barrel. A female Quarian enters the fray to defuse matters. Tali? She survived the destruction of the Normandy? I am glad she’s alive, but curious as to why she’s here.

The Mass Effect Diaries, Chapter 4

A stray Quarian, Veetor, was on Freedom’s Progress before it was attacked. Tali and the others arrived here to find him. They suspect damage to his suit has rendered him delirious, prompting him to reprogram the security systems in fear of further attack.

I agree to join with the Quarians in securing Veetor. He’s hold up in a warehouse. Myself, Miranda and Jacob will enter the warehouse from the front, while Tali and her crew approach from the side to distract the mechs. Prazza, one of the Quarian soldiers, does not believe he can trust us. He calls me a Cerberus operative. Am I an agent of Cerberus now?

The Mass Effect Diaries, Chapter 4

We begin our approach to the warehouse. We encounter some security drones, but they’re the least of our problems. Veetor’s reprogrammed a YMIR heavy-mech. It’s already slaughtered most of Tali’s crew, who attempt to betray us backfired, and is en route to our position.

We assemble inside the courtyard. The YMIR is tough, protected by shields, not to mention reinforced armour-plating. I order Miranda and Jacob to take position on either flank, and together we whittle away at its shields, dashing from crate to crate. We manage to rupture the YMIR’s shields, and the mechanised beast responds with a volley of missiles. I am hurt, blood misting my vision, but manage to destroy the YMIR with a well-placed shot from my heavy pistol. Pieces rain down on the courtyard.

The Mass Effect Diaries, Chapter 4

We find Veetor inside the security control room. Bathed in orange light from the monitors, he’s clearly lost his mind, stammering about “swarms” and “monsters”. We reason with Veetor, convince him we’re not a threat, and in turn, she shows us security footage from the day of the attack.

What I see fills me with dread. Organic coffins, floating above the ground, being ferried to ships I do not recognise by what appear to be Collectors, a space-faring race of insectile humanoids who usually do business with slavers and mercenaries in the most distant regions of space. They’re known to use advanced weaponry. Powerful enough to disable a colony?

The Mass Effect Diaries, Chapter 4

On the screen, we see they’re collecting the people. Veetor tells us about the “swarms”, insects the Collectors use to neutralise the populace so they can be stored in those coffins and shuttled away. The Collector’s have since left, leaving Veetor in tatters.

Tali arrives. I agree to hand Veetor over to her, but only if he hands over the data he gathered on the Collector’s and their attack. She agrees, but we must go our separate ways.

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Gupo  May. 20, 2010 at 20:13

Seriously, why are you doing this? I dont get it.

jhardy89  May. 21, 2010 at 02:08

Is there a point in this? Retelling a tale that the game itself tells perfectly well enough?


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