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What we want from a Mass Effect Trilogy remake | COMMENT

Jonathan Lester
BioWare, EA, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect Trilogy

What we want from a Mass Effect Trilogy remake | COMMENT

BioWare recently took to NeoGAF to poll fans about what they'd like to see from a Mass Effect Trilogy remake, and we're all for the idea. Experiencing one of the most impressive Sci-Fi space operas in recent history in a single package, brought up to date for new-gen systems, is a tantalising prospect.

But only if it's done right. To this end, we'd like to add our voices to the debate and discuss exactly what we'd ideally want from a new take on the Mass Effect trilogy.

All The DLC, Natch

What we want from a Mass Effect Trilogy remake | COMMENT

Let's start slow and simple, because this one's non-negotiable. To be worth buying as a truly complete collection, all the DLC from each game needs to be included -- or at the very least, everything except Pinnacle Station. You can keep Pinnacle Station.

Obviously we're big value fans here at Dealspwn.com, but there's a more serious point to be made, since many of the DLC packs genuinely add content and context to the all-important narrative and story. From Ashes, for example, split the fanbase and raised up a storm due to it being an optional bonus despite containing a pivotal character and extra storyline, while all of the expansions helped to flesh out the universe in some fashion. Aaryn Flynn has already suggested that a potential remake would include the DLC, "organically implemented" into the storyline, so hopefully this will be a no-brainer.

Oh, and the masterful Citadel expansion will feel even more awesome when enjoyed after 80+ hours of bonding.


What we want from a Mass Effect Trilogy remake | COMMENT

Flynn reckons that a Mass Effect remake wouldn't attempt to shore up the original Mass Effect's somewhat shonky combat and friendly AI, and we're fine with that, but we feel that there is one area that could use a serious mechanical tune-up. The Mako.

Exploring new worlds in our crag-hopping APC was a blast that we sorely missed in the sequels, but if we're honest, we spent a lot of time cussing and fuming at how easy it was to beach and snag on obstacles. As far as we're concerned, adding rear thrusters would help to boost us forward and out of a rut, and wouldn't take much doing, resulting in a more enjoyable experience.

Beef Up The Battle For Earth!

What we want from a Mass Effect Trilogy remake | COMMENT

Right, now let's get down to nuts and bolts. We're big fans of the extended cut ending (because no artist would so easily change their vision if they were satisfied with the result in the first place), but to be honest, we're actually more disappointed with the preceding hour or two. Despite having collected huge amounts of war assets over the preceding thirty hours, the battle for Earth felt like a massive anticlimax,.

See, the military assets we'd collected didn't even bother to show up, and the extended cut only went a small way towards easing this building annoyance as we basically just fought a few minor skirmishes instead of an actual war.

So here's what to do. First off, allow us to spend more time on Earth before the Reapers attack. Add some new Earth scenes/areas into Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and enlarge the start of Mass Effect 3, giving us a stake in protecting the planet, and a sense of belonging to it. The following battle will feel more impactful as a result. Then, please, beef up the battle itself, with Volus bombing squads and Elcor Tanks bringing the rain as we desperately push the offensive. Yes, it would take a lot of work, but it would be fantastic.

Sort Out The Mass Effect 2 Twist

What we want from a Mass Effect Trilogy remake | COMMENT

The biggest twist in Mass Effect 2 is shockingly wasted. See, it turns out that the Collectors are actually the Protheans, and this should have been one of the most memorable reveals in the entire franchise. Unfortunately, it was basically just a phone call in the middle of a mission.

So this time, do it properly and introduce it in a massive late-game cutscene. "You killed the Protheans!" "No, Shepard. We ARE the Protheans!"

Or something less stupid. There's a reason I only critique videogames, I suppose.

Close The Book On Indoctrination Theory

I love indoctrination theory. For me, this fan-made thesis goes beyond the usual self-deluded denial when people can't believe that their favourite writers have just pulled a half day, and goes into the realms of genuine artistic interpretation. It is a perfectly valid way to interpet the narrative, and one that you can absolutely believe if you want. Videogames are art and should be therefore allow for multiple interpretations of the same piece depending on who consumes it - after all, no-one can agree on what the Mona Lisa is grinning at. Perhaps she's been indoctrinated.

That said, the hateful cynic in me would like to see BioWare either shut this theory down, or better yet, add even more clues and hints into the narrative throughout the entire trilogy, perhaps even a secret optional ending that's splits the canon into two perfectly viable timelines. Either way, there's room for them to explore this fascinating theory further.

Nice Graphics

What we want from a Mass Effect Trilogy remake | COMMENT


Can we move on?

Mass Effect 4 Save Transfers?

What we want from a Mass Effect Trilogy remake | COMMENT

Well now, this could be interesting. The next Mass Effect is tipped to take place in a very different setting to the first trilogy, both in terms of geography and chronology, but wouldn't it be a blast to see your decisions referenced somehow? If it's a true sequel, perhaps our feats could be mentioned in books or logs, bringing a smile to our faces or tears to our eyes as we remember those hard-fought moments.

Just a thought.

More Garrus

What we want from a Mass Effect Trilogy remake | COMMENT

Seriously, we love Garrus. More Garrus. Give us more Garrus. Mmm.

Tali's Freaking Face

What we want from a Mass Effect Trilogy remake | COMMENT

Seriously, sort this, BioWare.

I'm not just talking as an annoyed Tali fan here. Rather, it was utterly bizarre that so much work went into fleshing out the universe, yet it's clear that BioWare hadn't properly settled on what an entire alien race really looks like under their armour and copped out at the last minute. Now's your chance to close this shameful little chapter.

What would you want from a Mass Effect Trilogy remake? Have your say in the comments!

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googleberry  Nov. 7, 2014 at 17:02

I'm a massive fan of ME3, and I think the upgrades you have suggested are fine as far is they goes. However, I don't think enough time has elapsed to warrant what seem to be minor tweaks and improvements.

I am a greedy gamer. I want much more.

What I want is the trilogy built for the Oculus rift.

Just imagine how cool the interaction with all those alien creatures would be during dialogue. You actually are face to face...you turn your head to see other characters in turn. You'd not want to miss instantaneous changes in body language as certain lines were delivered. The possibilities to make the body language more evocative would multiply.

And what of wandering around the citadel. Or the Collector ships. Or the Normandy. How exciting to explore all that in the VR world. It would be mind boggling to re-enter the world.

I would want all the characters to given much more body language, scripting, expression, facial, body. Characters would have to move more realistically to maintain the immersion.

The combat too would need to be rehauled for a full VR remake, but actually I am less concerned about that for the moment. Just upgrading the interactive story bits would be mind blowing to experience.

Dream dream dream!

Last edited by googleberry, Nov. 7, 2014 at 17:03
MattGardner  Nov. 7, 2014 at 17:13

Quite excited by the prospect of the wirter of Halo 4 coming on board for this. Halo didn't need an emotional story, but I found Halo 4's to be surprisingly good, and the man can write an ending.

Mass Effect could do with someone who knows how to round off an epic.

JonLester  Nov. 7, 2014 at 18:12

@googleberry: "Dream dream dream!"

Keep on dreaming - wait, no, not in a patronising way, as in VR needs big ballsy ideas like that to really push it from a niche into a thriving industry and living room standard. Love it. Mass Effect's universe is already incredibly deep and I already enjoy getting lost in the codices, so VR seems a fairly logical step, even for a spinoff of sorts.

Last edited by JonLester, Nov. 7, 2014 at 18:18
Rhoobarb  Nov. 7, 2014 at 18:29

I thoroughly enjoyed all ME games + DLC (Yes including Pinnacle), in nearly 30 years of gaming I haven't had as much entertainment out of a game series as this.

Tali's Face and the Indoctrination Theory are a non-issue for me, the ending even less so. It's about the playing, not the ending, which I didn't think was bad in the extended cut.

A couple of things I would like.
-Agree, ALL the DLC! (No Bioware Points or hyper pricing, it's what is stopping A LOT of players buying on the PC).
-Also agree, Mako Controls.
-A better way of resource gathering than planet scanning/beacons and artifacts. Seriously I have had more fun in MS Word.
-Continuity through all 3 games on weapons/upgrades/armour.

googleberry  Nov. 7, 2014 at 19:58

Oh yes. The resource gathering! I'd managed to block that out of my memory. Truly painful!

Also the process for getting DLC for the first game I recall was expensive and difficult on PC.

Ah, those codices... I think I read every single one of those planet profiles. As I did I would ask myself "is my life that empty to enjoy this so much?"

I wonder if the imperfection of the me3 ending has cemented the game as legendary because of the controversy. The sheer ire it raised will make it talked about with passion for years to come I am sure!

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