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Massive Attack Producer To Compose Halo 4's Music

Jonathan Lester
343 Industries, Halo 4, music, Neil Davidge
Halo 4

Massive Attack Producer To Compose Halo 4's Music

343 Industries has announced that Massive Attack co-writer and producer Neil Davidge will be composing Halo 4's soundtrack.

Davidge is an award-winning composer, record producer, songwriter and musician who has worked on numerous projects over the past two decades. And "made an indelible impression on the music industry," according to the sycophantic PR blurb. Alongside his role as co-writer and producer for the last three albums from pioneering trip hop group Massive Attack, he's also scored additional music for Hollywood blockbusters like Clash of the Titans and Trouble The Water (which was nominated for a best film score Oscar).

To record Halo 4's orchestral score at the legendary Abbey Road studios, Davidge selected a 16 person hand-picked male tenor / bass choir plus 10 female Bulgarian vocalists, a full 50 piece orchestra and a whole host of other performers. There's a video over at Halo Waypoint.

As a passionate Halo fan, I’m incredibly honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to compose the score for Halo 4. Music has always been at the heart of what makes Halo so captivating and iconic. With Halo 4, we want to build upon the franchise’s amazing legacy and create a score that captures the awe and wonder of the ‘Halo’ universe, and reinforces the deeper and more emotionally impactful journey Master Chief will embark on.

He'll take over composing duties from Bungie's Marty O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori, who delivered one of the best game scores of all time throughout the original Halo trilogy. Considering that we still get chills every time we hear those three chords - and Rock Anthem For Saving The World - Davidge certainly has big shoes to fill.

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DivideByZero  Apr. 11, 2012 at 20:59

Sweet, he produced Mezzanine and that album is just amazing. If he can work some dark stuff in like Angel in to Halo that would be epic.

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