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Destiny Alpha Gameplay - A Little Look At PvP

Matt Gardner
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Destiny Alpha Gameplay - A Little Look At PvP

Sony and Activision threw the gates open to Destiny this week, announcing that everyone who applied for a place in the PS4 alpha this weekend would get one. As such, I've been playing an awful lot of Destiny over the past day or two, and it does feel pretty good.

You can tell it was made by Those Folks Wot Made Halo, mind.

To be honest, though, that's to be expected, but it's difficult not to get the impression that what we have here is a shinier, more expansive, spiritual successor to Halo. Everything from the default button layout to the floaty jumping, to the alien spines that adorn certain caves that remind me instantly of the Needler, and the diseased parasites that line rock walls that prove instantly reminiscent of Halo's Flood levels.

But we'll get onto that later when it comes to longer playthroughs and an eventual preview. For now, let's quickly jump into some competitive multiplayer and check out the basic combat...

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