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Mattrick: Halo 4 Will Work With Surface

Matt Gardner
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Mattrick: Halo 4 Will Work With Surface

Quick little tidbit for you MS fans out there. Microsoft’s president for interactive entertainment business, Don Mattrick, reportedly announced at GameBeat 2012 that the upcomin Halo 4 will work with the new MS Surface tablet, although he didn't reveal any details as to exactly how this relationship will work.

Microsoft demonstarted their SmartGlass technology on tablets at E3 this year, so there's a possibility of connected supplemental content there. The USB port on the Surface tablets is ripe for controller inputs - could Halo 4 be playable on the go? [VentureBeat]

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DivideByZero  Jul. 11, 2012 at 11:35

As I have said before, the consoles have not moved on for 6+ years, probably about 8+ in design, so being able to do that on a phone or tablet is not that surprising really.

PC gaming has completely scalable graphics, where you can set not only the resolution but all the pretty things like texture details, model details and things like AA/AF. If you have an option to scale the game down then it could easily run on a tablet with a half decent graphics processor... and even the on CPU HD4000 would run a cutdown FPS at a low res/low detail setting ok.


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