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Max Payne 3 'Debut' Trailer Released

Carl Phillips
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Max Payne 3 'Debut' Trailer Released

Contains Guns, The Return of Bullet Time, And Head Shaving

After last week's news that it would be finally released in March next year, Rockstar Games have released a 'debut' trailer for the (very) long-awaited action title Max Payne 3. Giving a bit more insight into the plot, teasing some of the action sequences, and showing our Noir-esque hero shaving his head, you can see it all for yourself after the jump.

With the hauntingly beautiful theme used for Max Payne 2 playing in the background, we see Max, no longer a cop and still down on his luck, being offered a job in San Paulo, Brazil. In between flashes on the life he is about to walk into, we get to see his new boss, who insists his new employment opportunity will "keep people safe." Of course, this is Max Payne; trouble is never far away and the proverbial hits the fan thanks to a kidnapping. Cue snippets of gun play with an assortment of weaponry, the return of the Bullet Time mechanic, and Max shaving his head, which I theorise is to visually get the point across that he really doesn't have anything else left to lose.

Reportedly using an enhanced version of the RAGE engine, it certainly seems to be the best looking game to come out of Rockstar to date, and while some fans may worry over the more colourful palette being used, the seemingly gritty nature of the visuals, and a welcome return of actor James Mccaffry to the role of the main character, may restore some faith to fans of the series who have been worried over the direction of the game since its announcement.

What say you, Dealspwners? Has the trailer got you excited for Mr Payne's return? Not impressed with the direction Rockstar are taking the series? STILL annoyed his hair is getting the chop? Leave a comment and get involved!

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hurrakan  Sep. 15, 2011 at 10:26

Hmm it doesn't look very "noir" (or anything like Max Payne 1 or 2).

Probably yet another mediocre cash-in.

davidpanik  Oct. 6, 2011 at 17:02

Reminds me very much of Kane & Lynch 2. More so than it does the first two games.

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