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New Max Payne 3 Details Emerge

Jonathan Lester
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New Multiplayer, New Haircut

New Max Payne 3 Details Emerge

Max Payne 3, after being sold to Take-Two by Remedy in order to focus on Alan Wake, keeps dropping off our radar into the realms of vapourware and obscurity. However, new details have leaked out in the wake of a clutch of new screenshots - hinting at a time-jumping storyline, multiplayer modes and destructible environments.

The new screenshots showcased the bald, chunky Max that we saw in last year's reveal, accompanied by pictures of a younger, leaner version with a full head of hair. A new preview by EDGE magazine has spilled the beans on exactly how this will work: as the narrative will jump between different points in Max's life after a kidnapping in the Brazillian slums forces our retired alcoholic back into riotous, stylish action.

Bullet Time will naturally make a welcome return (and will be charged up by killing enemies), but new destructible environments and a radial weapon selection wheel should make the gunplay feel a lot more hectic and immediate on consoles. There will also be a cover system, though we're not quite sure how we feel about that at this stage.

The familiar comic book-style cutscenes will be used to tell the story, but in a new twist, these scenes will be rendered in-engine alongside hundreds of hours of motion-captured footage. This mo-capped stock will also be used to make characters interact with the destructible environments (and your bullets) in a realistic way.

Last, but not least, online multiplayer has been confirmed for Max Payne 3. Details are still extremely thin on the ground, and it'll be interesting to see whether Bullet Time will be integrated as a powerup or left out altogether.

Max Payne 3 is in development at all four of Rockstar's global studios, and its release date is still firmly TBA. We'll keep you posted. [EDGE via EG]

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LewisRedd  Apr. 4, 2011 at 14:47

would be interesting to see how bullet time could be implemented into a multiplayer game

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