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Max Payne 3 Will Contain Precision Zoom Aiming And A Cover System...

Matt Gardner
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Max Payne 3 Will Contain Precision Zoom Aiming And A Cover System...

...But The Core Will Still Be 'Run And Gun'

Rockstar have revealed that there'll be a few new gameplay additions to the series with Max Payne 3. Bullet Time remains identical in application, but looks and feels quite a bit different, according to art director Rob Nelson, with new features such as precise zoom aiming and a cover system being implemented too.

'We've introduced a left trigger, over the shoulder aiming feature that most games have, where you can sort of zoom in a bit closer and aim more precisely on your target at the expense of your ability to move around quickly, said Nelson, chatting with GameSpot.

'So we added that, and we've added a cover mechanic, but those are ancillary additions to the core of the game, which is still very much the run and gun.'

Regarding Bullet Time, itself an integral part of the original couple of games, particularly when things got a bit hectic, Nelson noted that it's not changed a huge amount, that giving the player the freedom of choice in terms of application was still a big part of the way in which the mechanic operates, but that it's integration and visual deployment has far more depth.

'It's still there for players to use as a tool to slow-down time to give them an advantage over their enemies when things get hectic, which they do all the time,' he said. 'And that is something that we really needed to keep - allowing players to have that control.

'It really, it hasn't changed. But yet it looks and feels completely different because of the depth at which we've integrated it.'

We're hoping, quite frankly, that the presence of a cover system is a mere concession to modern third-person action titles rather than an indication of where the gameplay is headed. Coweringd behind a crate or wall was never really Max's style, with the Bullet Time adding the tactical element to the action. Fingers crossed that the pacing remains predominantly unaffected.

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hurrakan  Nov. 24, 2011 at 16:57

It's NOT the same. It's not noir at all.

It might be a good game - but it's NOT Max Payne. If that's the case, I wont be playing it.

Max Payne 1 is still one of the games that I most enjoyed playing (on PC when it originally came out).

MattGardner  Nov. 24, 2011 at 18:45

I'm sure it'll at least be serviceable...Rockstar don't make too many missteps. But a Max Payne game is looking like a slimmer possibility.

Loved both of the originals. The story for Number 2 was outstanding. Gloriously grim (almost to the point of cheesiness), doomed romance, shadowy violence. It had the lot. I'm going to have to dig them out this weekend methinks.

musicrabbie  Nov. 25, 2011 at 08:45

But the video series will be great viewing. Looks like Max Payne to me... http://www.gametrailers.com/video/design-and-max-payne-3/723954


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