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Max Payne 3 Comes On Two Xbox 360 Discs

Jonathan Lester
Max Payne 3, Rockstar, Xbox 360 games
Max Payne 3 | Xbox 360

Max Payne 3 Comes On Two Xbox 360 Discs

In case you're interested - or care about such things - Rockstar has confirmed that the Xbox 360 version of Max Payne 3 will ship on two discs. This announcement comes after US rental site Redbox spilled the beans; listing the SKU but incorrectly describing its contents.

“Max is on 2 discs for 360, so Redbox will be renting disc 1 which contains half of the single player story and the full multiplayer game.” - Rockstar on Twitter

It seems that we'll only need to change discs once, then, which is a nice change of pace after the bizarrely compartmentalised Mass Effect 3. Max Payne 3 will release on May 18th for PS3 and Xbox 360 - while the PC version lags behind until June 1st.

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DivideByZero  Apr. 25, 2012 at 10:48

Two disks, but don't worry... it's not time for the next Xbox yet.

Xbox owners, enjoy your extra value for money... two disks for the price of one!

I know it's a small thing really... but it is one small thing out of a big list of things.


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