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MCM Expo London 2011: Solatorobo: Red The Hunter

Tom Silkstone
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Nintendo DS

MCM Expo London 2011: Solatorobo: Red The Hunter

This was the very last thing that I checked out in Nintendo's section of the Expo and I welcomed the quick break that getting to grips with the DS brought with it!

The demo had three sections; the story mode, a flying mode, and a ship fishing mode.

MCM Expo London 2011: Solatorobo: Red The Hunter

Almost without hesitation I stormed into the story mode. Solatorobo: Red The Hunter's main character is Red Savarin, who appears to be an adventurous little fox and likes to ride around on a giant mech known as DAHAK. Red's capable of jumping down off of his giant mech friend, but chances are you'll probably stay mounted on him for the majority of the game. Moving around's fairly easy and you'll be able to hop over objects that block your path with a tap of the jump button, or hover in the air by tapping it.

Combat's easy enough, just move towards an enemy and you'll be able to smash them to bits using DAHAK, who's also capable of picking up objects and throwing them at your enemies, or if you want you could pick up an enemy and toss him into his friends. Occasionally you'll have to deal with projectiles, such as missiles, which you can pluck out of the air and then hurl back at the enemy who foolishly shot them at you in the first place.

In the flying mode a jetpack'll be strapped to your back, which you'll need to use to get around the various islands that are floating in the sky, and your objective's to collect a number of boxes that are scattered about the environment. Trying to grab them all's not as easy as you might expect and you'll also have to make sure you don't fall short of a platform, otherwise you'll be facing a rather large drop.

MCM Expo London 2011: Solatorobo: Red The Hunter

Last up is the ship fishing mode. To begin with you'll have to select a harpoon to purchase and the better rated harpoons are of course the most expensive. Once you've done this, you'll be faced with a choice of fisheries, which are ranked depending on their difficulty. Following this, the real fun begins, as you're sat behind a harpoon gun on a ship and you'll need to catch creatures like giant hermit crabs! After you've speared an unfortunate animal on the end of your harpoon, you'll need to reel it in by holding the D-pad in the desired direction whilst tapping the A button. I've got to admit this was no where near as easy as I thought it'd be and the hermit crab I thought I had in the bag ended up getting away from me, and thus avoided having its freedom and dare I say its life taken away.

All in all, it's not a bad a little game to carry around with you when you're on a boring journey, seeing as it provides you with a bit of variety and can actually pose a challenge at times, so if you're a DS owner you might want to check this one out.

Solatorobo: Red The Hunter'll be with us on 1st July 2011.

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