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MCM Expo London 2011: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Tom Silkstone
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MCM Expo London 2011: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

I think it goes without saying that the Q&A for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition was going to draw a crowd, although I've got to admit it was bigger than I thought it was going to be, for a few brief moments I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to sit down, which would have meant that any chance I had of comfortably scribbling down notes would have been out of the window. Thankfully though, I squeezed myself onto a chair and started writing down a load of info to share with you all!

There are several new characters in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, which mean that the character count has been raised to a total of 39 and they'll all be available to play with right from the start. Most of the new characters were added in based on fan feedback from around the world, seeing as Capcom didn't want to disappoint their fans. Chances are you'll know that Evil Ryu's present on the new roster, and he's brought a couple of new moves with him such as his axe kick and a teleport, plus if you decide to play with him you'll be treated to the glowing energy effect that surrounds his body.

MCM Expo London 2011: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Yun and Yang, the twins from Street Fighter 3, also make their return to the series, however if you're a first time, or casual, Street Fighter player you might want to steer clear of them because they're best used by intermediate to pro players. If you need to differentiate between them, Yun wears a cap, whereas Yang sports a ridiculous hair style.

When it comes to online play, the multiplayer lobbies for the Arcade Edition handle just like Super Street Fighter IV, and it'll also downgrade if one of your friends is playing on a bog standard copy of Super Street Fighter IV. Another good feature is that you'll be able to follow named players, which makes sharing replays with friends a little bit easier.

MCM Expo London 2011: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

The Arcade Edition of the game is supposed to be the final version of Street Fighter IV, although there'll never be a stage where the developers say this'll be it in terms of patches and improvements to the game, so there's room to balance the characters out if needs be. This means that the next fighting title we're likely to see from Capcom will be Street Fighter Vs. Tekken. When it comes to cost, things'll be down to individual retailers, but you'll be looking at an appropriate price for DLC rather than a full game.

Additionally, if you ever wondered what sort of sticks the developers use to play the game, I can let you know that they tend to use the Mad Catz tournament edition stick when possible!

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition hits consoles this month (7th June), and should be out for PC around about July. Another interesting fact for you is that the Arcade Edition'll be out in Europe slightly ahead of the US.

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