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MechWarrior Online Artist Explains New Mech Designs

Jonathan Lester
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MechWarrior Online Artist Explains New Mech Designs

Reboot Needs "A Semblance Of Practicality"

With the (Mad)cat firmly out of the bag, Piranha Games are free to start talking about their upcoming free-to-play reboot MechWarrior Online. Veteran artist Alex Iglesias has come out of the woodwork to assure fans that the new mech designs are paying respect to the original iconic war machines, but that most of the lineup have been revamped or completely overhauled in order to add "real world military stylistic elements" and a "semblance of practicality." We've got more details as well as concept art after the break.

In his recent blog post (conducted in an interview style that seems to be all the rage lately), Piranha Games artist Iglesias explained that each mech is being redesigned on a case by case basis - slightly tweaking some and completely overhauling others. Since MechWarrior Online is a reboot set before other titles in the franchise, he's been balancing the classic look with a need for a slightly more primitive and realistic aesthetic.

It’s a lot of fun and sometimes very challenging. With certain Mechs it’s a small matter of adjusting some proportions, or making certain fixes so that the art matches the specs/gameplay, with others, it’s nearly a complete overhaul of the design. In both cases though, I always try to emphasize the aspects of the original design that make it interesting and immediately recognizable, add certain minor doodads here and there, and downplay or replace the elements that either I’m not too fond of or don’t work well for the game. Through all of this, I also try to respect the years worth of art for those designs that came before mine.

For the most part, it’s trying to give the impractical the semblance of practicality with a little bit of real world military stylistic elements mixed in.

When asked about which Mech he's least looking forward to updating, there was, of course, only one response.

Probably the Timberwolf, I know that if I mess that one up, I will never hear the end of it, and will probably have to try to outrun a few pitchfork wielding mobs.

Considering our love for the Timberwolf/MadCat (it's our top videogame mech of all time), we'll probably be at the front of said mob. Tread softly, Iglesias, for you tread on our dreams. However, I doubt we have much to worry about, since he's a self-confessed superfan as well as a talented artist. Check out his Atlas concept art below.

MechWarrior Online Artist Explains New Mech Designs

MechWarrior Online Artist Explains New Mech Designs

MechWarrior Online Artist Explains New Mech Designs

MechWarrior Online Artist Explains New Mech Designs

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