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Medal of Honor | £12.95 | Zavvi | PC

Felix Kemp
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Medal of Honor | £12.95 | Zavvi | PC

Medal of Honor, despite EA's best efforts, wasn't the fatal sledgehammer blow against CoD's rule that they so intended. It was beset with issues, from an undercooked multiplayer and so-so campaign, to political issues regarding the depiction and inclusion of the Taliban as a recognised foe. It's a pity, as Medal of Honor isn't a bad game, at all. It has moments of real moment-to-moment fun, great visuals and stunning vistas, and the multiplayer, whilst feeling like the twisted offspring of CoD and Battlefield, is pretty solid. It's £12.95 at Zavvi, which isn't a bad price, either.

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zax  Dec. 19, 2010 at 14:12

It's great fun to watch all these COD4-2/MW2 copies being rejected by people and prices crashing down. You wanna make a game, dont make a copy!

Ted  Dec. 19, 2010 at 14:34

Sadly, the only way to really get noticed in an FPS now among the masses is to make a COD clone.

But that said, PC games are /always/ cheaper than the PS360 counterparts and /always/ go down in price quicker. This game is definitely more at home on a console.


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