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Medieval Moves | £4.85 | ShopTo | PS3

Jonathan Lester
Action Games, Medieval Moves, Playstation Move, PS3 games
Medieval Moves: Deadmund's ... | Playstation 3

Medieval Moves | £4.85 | ShopTo | PS3

Medieval Moves is the perfect example of a great tech demo. If it had released with the PS Move at launch, it would have been a fun throwaway diversion with fantastic mechanics that shows off the peripheral's accessibility and accuracy to advantage. However, sadly, there's just not enough game here to warrant a full price purchase... which is where this sub-fiver price comes in handy. To be honest, I reckon it's probably worth a punt if you've already got a Move and want to show it off.

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DivideByZero  Apr. 2, 2012 at 16:59

While I like ShopTo for service... this is the WORST SITE EVER!!!

F***ing stupid idiots.

It expired my password (this is ok), so I reset it (again ok).
I get e-mailed a temp password (and here is where it starts to go wrong), which if I wish to change I have to add a security question to my account - but it asks me every time, even right after doing it. So instead of being able to change password, I just pick and confirm security questions over and over.

Every time I want to use the site.

It is stupid.

I will complain to them properly at some point, but just needed to bitch about it first.


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