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Meet The Infected In New The Last Of Us Dev Diary

Matt Gardner
Dev diaries, Naughty Dog, PS3 games, The Last Of Us
The Last of Us | Playstation 3

Meet The Infected In New The Last Of Us Dev Diary

There's a new developer diary out for Naughty Dog's upcoming survival horror title, The Last of Us, which kicks off with a little chat about the nature of the two very different characters at the game's core -- Joel and Ellie -- before discussing the different kinds of Infected, and the beautiful horror when it comes to the game' world and the reclamation of the Earth by Mother Nature.

The Last of Us releases worldwide for PS3 on June 14th. Make sure you read our hands-on preview here.

[via PS Blog]

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Zeipher  May. 7, 2013 at 13:07

Yeah, sadly this puts me off the game. I loved Uncharted, right up until I was fighting mutant Nazis.

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