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Meet The Rogues Of Algoroc In WildStar

Carl Phillips
Algoroc, Carbine Studios, MMORPGs, NCsoft, WildStar

Meet The Rogues Of Algoroc In WildStar

Screenshots & Lore Aplenty

As part of their continued WildStar Wednesday posts, Carbine Studios have unleashed details on some of the villainous groups players will come across in the upcoming Sci-Fi-Western MMO; the Marauders, the Darkspur Cartel, and The Crowe Gang.

The post on the official website goes into detail on the history of each of the groups, as well as providing insight as to why they are in the Algoroc region of Nexus that was revealed in the previous week’s entry. A crystal once considered useless, Loftite, is now the new must-have resource, causing people from far and wide to travel to Algoroc to stake their claim, along with the nefarious criminal groups who see it as an easy opportunity to misbehave. In keeping with the style of the game, ‘fun facts’ also accompany the new info, including some helpful information involving the Marauder pirates and sewage reclamation tanks. You can feast your eyes on the screenshots that accompany the article to get a better look at each of the groups, as well giving you an idea of the landscape in Algoroc, which will be the area players will journey to after the Northern Wilds (the area that was revealed with the announcement of WildStar.)

Be sure to check out the article in full here, and if you’re clambering for more WildStar info be sure to check out our coverage here.

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