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Meet The UEE Marine Of Star Citizen

Carl Phillips
Chris Roberts, Cloud Imperium, PC games, Space Sim, Star Citizen, UEE Marine

Meet The UEE Marine Of Star Citizen

Backers of the ambitious Space Sim won't have to wait for much longer get to walk around their bought spaceships, as the Hanger Module for Star Citizen is scheduled for release next month, but the folks over at Cloud Imperium have released some new pictures that show the UEE Marine in all their glory. Although the developers state that it is still a work in progress, the in-engine shots show the level of detail the artists are aiming for, along with giving us an idea of how Chris Roberts and co will be putting the CryEngine 3 through its paces. See the new shots after the jump.

Meet The UEE Marine Of Star Citizen
Meet The UEE Marine Of Star Citizen
Meet The UEE Marine Of Star Citizen

Earlier this month, Star Citizen's crowd funding total hit a colossal $14 million, with the $15 million mark now less than $100,000 away. Read all about it here.

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phil16  Jul. 30, 2013 at 12:29

So desperate for this game to release. Just wish I could afford a better ship than the cruddy standard Arora... An origin 300 would do.


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