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Megabyte Punch (Alpha) | PWYW | IndieGameStand | PC

Jonathan Lester
Beat 'em ups, Brawler, Indie Games, PC games, Reptile Games
Megabyte Punch (Alpha) | PWYW | IndieGameStand | PC
  • What: Megabyte Punch (Alpha)
  • Where: IndieGameStand
  • Current Price: Pay What You Want
  • RRP: £14.99

IndieGameStand's latest Pay What You Want spotlight is Megabyte Punch, a customisable brawler. Depending on how excited you are about the idea of creating your own robotic brawlers out of over 100 parts, taking them through an adventure mode or battling your friends, you can pay a corresponding amount of money.

Note that you'll get immediate access to the alpha version and free updates to the finished build as development continues.

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