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Meier: Firaxis Hoping To Appeal To A Wide Range Of Players With XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Matt Gardner
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Meier: Firaxis Hoping To Appeal To A Wide Range Of Players With XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Firaxis boss and industry legend Sid Meier has spoken out about Firaxis' upcoming take on a strategy classic with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, suggesting that "the dream" would be to pull in as many players from the various genres of action, strategy and RPG as possible. Although not directly involved with work on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Meier serves as Firaxis' director of creative development and will no doubt be offering his expertise and opinion here and there.

"In our dreams," said Meier, chatting to GameInformer in a recent video interview, "we pull in strategy game players, we pull in action players, we pull in RPG players. There are cool elements of all those gaming styles in XCOM, and they're mixed together in an interesting brew.

"Our goal would be to really appeal to all those players, and to introduce them maybe to some gaming that they haven't played before. An action gamer might play the game for the action part and [think], 'Well strategy is pretty fun too.' It's not trying to conform to a genre, but trying to find ways to bring this topic to life in the most fun and exciting way possible."

Meier speaks of the original game with certain reverence, suggesting that the opportunity came around just at the right time, as "certain stars were aligning".

"It comes down to, this is a game we wanted to make. We loved the original iteration of it, and we thought we could do a lot with this game," he said. "That's essential to us: that we get excited about the project from day one. This is something that feels very cool to us. And when we saw what we could add to the original XCOM in terms of graphics and all the things that are available today that weren't available - it seemed like a natural game to us."

The level of love from the dev team was a crucial aspect of that, he added, with a collection of talented people who not only adored the game when it came out, but now had the experience and the development knowledge to understand exactly why it was so groundbreaking.

"XCOM was an incredible game to start with," he continued. "The original was on every top 10 list and is a fantastic game. The fact that that property was available was amazing. That combined with the fact that we have people here that love the game, honour the game, revere the game - understand what made it great in the first place. That made it a natural product for us to do."

Watch the full interview here.

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