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Men In Black 3 Tie-In Game Announced

Felix Kemp
Activision, Men in Black 3

Men In Black 3 Tie-In Game Announced

"Action-Packed Yet Light-Heated"

Remember when you looked forward to a Will Smith film? No, I Am Legend was not a good film. Any film where Smith recites lines from Eddy Murphy playing a donkey is not a good film. Well, he'll be hitting the silver screen in a big way next year when the oft-delayed Men in Black 3 hits cinemas, and it appears we'll have a tie-in game to depress ourselves with, too, as Activision have announced just such a thing this afternoon.

Activision describe the Men in Black 3 tie-in game as "action-packed yet light-heated", and features "edge-of-your-seat shooting excitement". It won't follow the plot of the film, instead boasting an original story that may run parallel to the movie's events. Acti have declined to announce a release date or even a developer, and considering how bad the last Men in Black game was... well, suffice to say, we're not all that excited yet.

Interestingly, however, Activision have revealed the Men in Black 3 game will be coming to "next-gen consoles for the first time". While they might simply be referring to the Wii U - it's likely Nintendo will hype their next console as "next-gen", regardless of its tech - could this be yet another confirmation that the next Xbox and Playstation consoles launch next year? [Eurogamer]

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