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Mercenaries 2 £2.99 @ Thegamecollection [PC Games]

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Mercenaries 2 £2.99 @ Thegamecollection [PC Games]

Mercenaries 2 is all about blowing stuff up. Earn enough money from clients, buy new weapons and artillery and use them to destroy the landscape before your very eyes. Well that’s how I like to play it anyway. But in Mercenaries 2 the world is your oyster, so if you like blowing things up, shooting the bad guys and roaming around a world with no obligations, then Mercenaries 2 has it all.

Thegamecollection are currently offering the cheapest price for Mercenaries 2 at £2.99. The next best price stands at £7.99 @ Gameplay, so you’ll be saving quite a bit!

Mercenaries 2 brings you into a world in conflict, where factions are constantly at war over various reasons. It’s your job as a mercenary to make money out of these factions, with no loyal obligations to any of them. Whoever stumps up the most cash gets your services. You get to choose from three characters, each having their own back story and specialisations. After this you can choose to follow the main story line or just go off and do your own thing.

The world is big with different sections run by different factions, and each faction has a liking or disliking to your character. This depends on whether you have acted hostile towards them or completed missions for them, and this will affect the soldiers’ attitude towards you.

There are many different types of missions ranging from capturing an important target to blowing up an enemy stronghold. When you’ve completed each mission you will get a cash payment, which you can use to purchase weapons, ammo, vehicles and air strikes. This is how the game basically works.

One of the best things about Mercenaries 2 is the destructible landscape and buildings. Some of the explosions are brilliant and the fact that nowhere is safe to hide makes things really interesting. With the second instalment of Mercenaries you can find more features unseen in its predecessor, such as cooperative, swimming and many new types of explosives and weapons.

Mercenaries 2 isn’t meant to be taken seriously. It’s a fun game and I think it has achieved it very well. Despite the rather harsh critics it is a game worth trying and for a mere £2.99 you really can’t go wrong.

Thanks to Replay41 from HotUKDeals!

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EndlessWaves  Nov. 15, 2009 at 01:20

Try the demo first, I found the performance and controls to be rather poor and in that situation any price is wasted money.


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