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Mercury Steam Don't Want To Just Be Known As "The Castlevania Studio"

Matt Gardner
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate, Konami, Mercury Steam

Mercury Steam Don't Want To Just Be Known As "The Castlevania Studio"

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developers Mercury Steam have expressed ambivalence over continuing to make Castlevania titles going forward.

Producer Dave Cox suggested that the studio wanted to be known for more than Castlevania titles, although he admitted it would be hard to walk away from.

“This conversation has come up many times," Cox told Nintendo Life. "Right now, we are committed to bringing this story to a close and then we want to try something new.

“Would we come back if their was the demand? It’s hard to answer right now; on the one hand we don’t want to be known as “the Castlevania studio”, we have big ambitions but we also know that there are a large number of people who love the Lords of Shadow series.

“My head says “No, time to move on” but my heart says otherwise. Perhaps it’s time for a new perspective from a new creative team?”

Would you like to see Mercury Steam given a crack at something new? Jon's hard at work on a review for Castlevania: Mirror of Fate as I type.

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Breadster  Mar. 1, 2013 at 20:58

I really liked Lords of Shadow and I'm looking forward to the second one. That said I would be interested in seeing something else from them. The only slight niggle is that while it was technically impressive (great graphics, played smoothly, etc), and I loved the value you got with it (games of that genre are never usually that long) there weren't really many new ideas in it. Pretty much all of the gameplay mechanics were borrowed from other games (god of war and shadow of the colossus in particular).

I did like the story and the fact that they had some proper actors amongst the voice cast as well though.

So basically, most of the good things about the game were down to its budget and a new IP isn't likely to have that so won't necessarily be as good. I would certainly be interested in seeing them have a go at something else though, yeah.


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