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Merge Games Announce Nuclear Dawn: Plutonium Edition

Matt Gardner
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Merge Games Announce Nuclear Dawn: Plutonium Edition

InterWave's Nuclear Dawn has been a long time coming, but the end of September will finally see a drop date for PC gamers to get their hands on a game that supposedly brings the best of FPS and RTS genres together without skimping on the immediate fast-paced action of the former, nor the tactical depth of the latter.

Although it's been widely publicised that the game will be available on Steam for digital download (pre-order cost stands at £15.29 at the time of writing, with a quad-pack for £50.97), publisher and distributor Merge Games have announced that retail version is coming at a slightly higher price (£24.95), but for that money you get a whole bundle of goodies besides.

Nuclear Dawn: Plutonium Edition will include the soundtrack, signed developer pics, a concept art booklet and other goodies, with the release date penned in as September 30th and will be available across a bunch of online retailers such as Amazon and The Hut Group.

Starting life as a Half-Life 2 mod way back in 2006, Nuclear Dawn has had a rocky road to release. Things looked somewhat bleak for the title after a couple of stumbling years of development until InterWave stepped in at the end of 2008 and pushed to expand the title into a full retail release. The current game, a multiplayer only title, looks to offer a Source-based FPS experience, but also integrate hardcore elements of RTS-esque tactical decision-making:

Nuclear Dawn lets the commander freely roam the battlefield through remotely operated cameras that give a free 3D aerial view of the level, at just about any height and angle.

As the rest of his team fights for resource points, blueprints and just plain old carnage, the commander is able to plan strategy and direct his comrades. He can group them into functional units that are assigned specific tasks, or he can dedicate himself more fully to researching new technology, getting equipment and outposts out in the field, and fortifying his defences.

In action, that translates to a hectic command experience, where the elected leader will have to juggle resources, upgrades, defensive and offensive systems, and an ever shifting battleground where he's pitted against a far more volatile and cunning enemy than any AI. Michiel Beenen, Managing Director, InterWave in 2010

We've been asked to participate in the current closed beta and we'll have an impressions piece for you soon enough.

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