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Metacritic Starts Ranking Individual Developers

Matt Gardner
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Metacritic Starts Ranking Individual Developers

You can already hunt for a review roundup of your favourite games on aggregator site Metacritic, and the report at the end of last year put numbers against all of the major publishers, but now it would appear industry individuals will be able to see a numerical appraisal of their career (or at least bits of it) on the site too.

Although the data is not yet readily available from the site's home page, conducting a quick search for the likes of Cliff Bleszinski (86), Ken Levine (89), Tim Schafer (86), David Doak (85), and Shigeru Miyamoto (80) yields a kind of profile page where the subject's Metacritic-ranked games form a 'career average'.

Plucking its information from fellow CBS Interactive sibling GameFAQs, Metacritic's profiling is far from comprehensive. More worrying is the emphasis placed on the aggregation system by publishers - a favourable review average on the site now paraded by many as an essential benchmark, with reports of the site's figures being used as bonus incentivse inside the workplace. One can only wonder how long it might be before a quick search on Metacritic becomes the standard quick background check before a hiring interview. [Gamasutra]

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Andrew  Mar. 28, 2011 at 12:51

Damn my reduculously common name, my metacritic score only lists 1 of the 15 titles to my name (and 6 I didn't!)

No, I'm not telling ;)

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