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From Metal Gear to Final Fantasy: News Roundup July 20th July

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Hideo Kojima announces PSP exclusive Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be continuing the Metal Gear saga in today’s news roundup.  Also, the Wii MotionPlus sells nearly half a million units in June, active gaming proves to be as exhausting as a brisk walk, and the Speed Gamers play Final Fantasy to raise money.

Metal Gear Peace Walker Will Continue Saga

From Metal Gear to Final Fantasy: News Roundup July 20th July

Hideo Kojima revealed in Q & A session released by Konami, that PSP title Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will essentially be a continuation of the official MGS Saga.  “This game is an MGS5-class game. I am supervising, designing, producing, directing, and editing this title together with the MGS4 team,” said Kojima.  “Therefore in that sense, 'Metal Gear Solid' has not ended, and the 'Metal Gear Saga' continues”.  Kojima also explains a few new game play elements included in MGS: Peace Walker.

Apparently Snake can be customized in a manner which will determine how the game is played.  Wearing heavy gear configurations allow you to equip many weapons, but make a lot of noise.   Other configurations don’t provide the same weapon room, but make sneaking a lot easier.   Kojima also explains some of the themes incorporated into the new Metal Gear, continuing the anti-war and anti-nuclear themes that have driven the story so far.  [ShackNews]

Wii MotionPlus at Half Million Mark

From Metal Gear to Final Fantasy: News Roundup July 20th July

The June NPD report has revealed Nintendo has so far sold 441,400 units of the Wii MotionPlus add-on.  Considering Wii Sports Resort, the game that was made to show off Wii MotionPlus, isn’t out for another week these are pretty incredible figures.

Tiger Woods PGA tour 10 from EA greatly contributed to these sales, selling a total of 272,400 units.  Nintendo sold 169,000 units separately making up the total reaching nearly half a million.  July sales have not even been taken into account yet, and with Wii Sports Resorts hitting the street on July 28th things couldn’t look better for Nintendo.  [Engadget]

Gaming Can Provide Same Exercise as Brisk Walk

From Metal Gear to Final Fantasy: News Roundup July 20th July

A new study published in the journal Pediatrics shows how active gaming can provide at least the equivalent or more exercise than a moderate or intense walk.  The study, conducted at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre focused the study on 23 kids, aged between 10 and 13.

They compared energy expenditure while the kids watched TV, played Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Sports, and walked on a treadmill.  Playing a videogame used three times the energy as watching TV, and equalled or topped the amount of calories used when walking on a treadmill.  An ‘intense’ or moderate walk is hardly demanding exercise, but it’s still better than none at all, and at least kids can be tricked into exercise when they think they’re enjoying themselves.  [Kotaku]

Speed Gamers Play Final Fantasy for Charity

From Metal Gear to Final Fantasy: News Roundup July 20th July

Similarly to the Mario Marathon taking place last week to raise money for the Child’s Play Charity, a group called the Speed Gamers are ‘speeding’ through Final Fantasy I-XII all for a good cause.  The Speed Gamers hope to raise $20,000 within the week to benefit Autism Treatment.  A live feed has can be viewed on their website, and donations can be made too.  The money raised goes to Act Today, a non-profit organization supporting autistic children.  [Joystiq]

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