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Metal Gear Solid V: four ways to infiltrate

Jonathan Lester
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Metal Gear Solid V: four ways to infiltrate

Konami has released an English-language version of their alternative E3 trailer, which shows off various ways to infiltrate enemy positions using stealth, brutality or plain silliness.

However, they've also out together a few tips for aspiring Diamond Dogs.

1. Partnering with Quiet: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain introduces a unique ‘Buddy’ system, wherein the player can select a recruited ally for use in missions. Quiet is a selectable ‘Buddy’ in the game, who possesses incredible sniping abilities. The first video showcases footage which demonstrates a mission where the player approaches a remote outpost using Quiet to orchestrate coordinated attacks to quickly incapacitate enemies and provide cover for Snake as he completes his mission.

2. Surgical Air Raid: Missions can also be tackled in a more overt manner, and the second video shows Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain ’s more action-orientated elements. Having equipped series hero Snake with heavy riot gear, the player uses the artillery equipped on their helicopter to take out key installations within a night mission. Using automatic weapons, Snake then storms the outpost in a huge firefight, before locating and retrieving his target.

3. Remote Assassination: Patience is a virtue in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and the final video is used to show how missions can be completed from afar and also shows Snake’s Blast Arm in use for the first time. Having entered the area with a heavily-armoured D-Horse as his Buddy, Snake waits until night time before taking out a guard using a blast from his prosthetic arm. The arm’s projectile weapon capabilities are then showed as the player uses ‘Missile Cam’ to take out a central target akin to the Nikita System introduced in past Metal Gear Solid titles.

4. Thinking "Outside the Box”: The Metal Gear Solid series is famed for its stealth gameplay, and the third video is used to demonstrate how old favourites and new skills combine to create even more sneaking options for the player. The footage begins with Snake intercepting troops en route to an outpost having used the famed cardboard box in clever new ways. Via careful planting of explosives and an unwitting sentry, the mission is completed without even entering the base.

I tried most of this myself over six hours of contact time, and frankly MGS V is going to be one of the best games of the year. No, really.

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