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Metro 2033 £27.89 @ Simply Games [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
First person shooter, Metro 2033, Xbox 360 games
Xbox 360

Metro 2033 £27.89 @ Simply Games [XBox 360 Games]

Hot on the heels of God of War III and Super Smash Bros Brawl comes this third great deal from Simply Games of the day.

Simply Games currently have Metro 2033 available for £27.89, a pound down from the deal I mentioned last week and undercutting next best price from Choices UK by nearly £5.

As protagonist Artyom, you take on the role of a subterranean metro dweller, born on the surface but trapped underground since the apocalyptic event that marred your first living days on earth. When you discover that you alone carry an immunity to the strange powers of the mysterious "Dark Ones" who prowl the tunnels of your subway home, it falls to you set off on a journey to send the message of warning to the rest of the underground villages and townships.

The permeating, claustrophobic and tense atmosphere that Metro 2033 so successfully creates is perhaps its biggest triumph. It is very easy to find yourself fully immersed into this strange and scary world, adrenaline pumping and mind reeling. Furthermore this is a game that will make you think as well as feel (perhaps not surprising from a title based on a book, without the convenient bridge of a film in the middle) and rewards you for your curiosity and resourcefulness. However while this will be a great boon to some, it ensures that this is not a game for everybody.Metro 2033 £27.89 @ Simply Games [XBox 360 Games]

It's a shame that Metro 2033 is not a little more polished and that while the shooting elements are generally fine, they fall flat when compared to other more accomplished titles in this genre.

Fancy a second opinion before taking the plungeCheck out Neil's review of Metro 2033 here

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goonertillidie  Apr. 3, 2010 at 07:55

no thank you needed lol


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