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Metro 2033 | £6.99 | Amazon & Play.com | PC

Jonathan Lester
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Metro 2033 | £6.99 | Amazon & Play.com | PC

If you missed the recent Steam sale or prefer physical copies to digital downloads, the divisive Metro 2033 is now down to a wallet-friendly £6.99 at a couple of retailers. This apocalyptic FPS frustrated many gamers with its gruelling difficulty and awkward stealth, but delighted many others with its consistent vision of a subterranean society. Dave Brown voted it his Game Of The Year! Well worth checking out if you enjoy a challenge. Thanks to Destructabomb at Hot UK Deals for the Play.com price!

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jamesgrahamslack  Nov. 8, 2011 at 09:52

"frustrated many gamers with its gruelling difficulty and awkward stealth" cool, I thought I was just rubbish at it! Despite it being a bit hard at times this is an awesome game. Very atmospheric and the DX11 graphics are still some of the best (albeit not prettiest) yet seen on PC. Well worth the asking price.


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