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Metro 2033 Preorder £29.95 @ Zavvi [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Metro 2033 Preorder £29.95 @ Zavvi [XBox 360 Games]

4A Games' Metro 2033 is due for release on the 19th of March but you may do well to take advantage of Zavvi's excellent pre-order price. At just £29.95, it knocks a fiver off the next best deal from Cool Shop.

Preordering with Zavvi also allows you access to a free exclusive XBox Live avatar item.

Metro 2033 is a first person shooter based on the novel Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky, which encompasses survival horror and RPG elements. The game takes place in the subway of a post-apocalyptic Moscow. In 2013 international events rocked the world and turned its surface into a nightmareish wasteland, in the midst of this devastation, a  few survivors who were able to find sanctuary in Moscow's underground.

The player takes on the role of Artyom, born just before the great disaster struck and raised underground. With tensions high and conflict common between the inhabitants of the different station cities that have sprung up in the Metro system, you have never ventured beyond the limits of your own. Until now, that is.
The game aims for hyper realism, with virtually no HUD, meaning that you must rely on the blood splatters that appear on screen to determine how much damage you have taken. When on the surface, you must wear a gas mask but are given no indication of how much time you have until the mask's filters will give out so it is up to you to keep a close eye on the time. Should you need direction you can check a map but you remain vulnerable as you do so. Guns are usually make-shift bastardisations from salvaged parts and in this brave new world bullets are the only currency, making life doubly tough and handing the player some interesting dilemmas.

Previews suggest that Metro 2033 may well be a great game, thanks largely to what looks to be a strong narrative, enveloping dark atmosphere and excellent dialogue.

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Thanks to soonforgotten at Hotukdeals!

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