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Metroid: Other M | £24.99 | Play | Wii

Felix Kemp
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Metroid: Other M | Wii

Metroid: Other M | £24.99 | Play | Wii

I was expecting Metroid: Other M to feature space-ninjas, demonic aliens and well-endowed female companions. Instead, I was left with what I consider the most disappointing Metroid game, thus far. It's not bad, by any means. Just with this sort of pedigree involved, I was expecting a lot more. Play's deal isn't the cheapest, it's the joint-cheapest, with Amazon offering an identically priced deal. But Play, the rascals, have upped the ante with a free... sticker! That's right. Embrace your inner child with a Metroid-themed Wiimote sticker. For your Wiimote, naturally.

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