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Microsoft Advertising For Next-Gen Xbox Jobs

Felix Kemp
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Microsoft Advertising For Next-Gen Xbox Jobs

It seems like the next Xbox isn't as far away as first thought. According to job postings on LinkedIn, Microsoft is looking for a Graphics Hardware Architect, a Senior Architect and Performance Engineer for the Xbox Console Architecture Group, and a Senior Hardware Design Verification Engineer. Doesn't sound like much, but then when you read the listing, which require the candidate to "defining and delivering next generation console architectures", it's pretty obvious they're gearing up for something special.

So far, Microsoft is being very cagey with its job descriptions, letting out little to nothing. It's all corporate jargon and techno rhetoric so far, but what's obvious is the next Xbox is beginning to take shape. I was under the allusion that Microsoft saw a Kinect-enabled Xbox 360 - which we have now - as the next step in the console cycle, but maybe they've realized this isn't a financially viable move. Kinect will eventually cap out, and where then can Microsoft expect to plunder the finances of millions from?

According to Eurogamer's Digital Foundry - which here at Dealspwn we hold in very high esteem - the listings for graphical engineers and hardware verifiers suggests Microsoft is in the earliest stages of development. Personally, I'm not too surprised by this, as I doubt the next Xbox will be the same graphical leap as the 360 was. I expect it'll be a subtle revision of the tech, upgrading the CPU and GPU units rather than replacing them. But then that's just me - a guy who flunked GCSE Science - hypothesizing. [Eurogamer]

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