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Microsoft: "Conversations Have Been Had" About Geometry Wars On Xbox One

Jonathan Lester
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Microsoft: "Conversations Have Been Had" About Geometry Wars On Xbox One

Though Geometry Wars is now owned by Activision, Microsoft is still apparently toying with the idea of getting the influential twin-stick shooter and XBLA pioneer onto Xbox One.

Microsoft Studios chief Phil Spencer revealed an enduring love for the franchise. "I like [Geometry Wars], great game from the old Bizarre Creations. [Actvision] picked up IP when they bought [Bizarre Creations]," he tweeted at an inquisitive follower, abbreviating constantly.

"Let's just say as someone who worked on [Project Gotham Racing] I have a lot of love for [Geometry Wars]. Conversations have been had..."

Just in case you never played it, Geometry Wars was originally just a fun easter egg in Project Gotham, but Bizarre Creations developed it into a massively successful Xbox Live Arcade title. Though simple, it was incredibly compelling, and was one of the flagship XBLA titles when Microsoft were just starting down the downloadable games route.

Would you buy a Geometry Wars title on Xbox One?

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Late  Sep. 13, 2013 at 14:43

I might be interested if I can control the ship by moving around my front room, and it automatically shots where I'm looking.

Twin sticks are so last gen. This gen I'm supposed to be the controller.


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