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Microsoft: Crackdown 3 Needs 'The Right UK Team'

Jonathan Lester
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Microsoft: Crackdown 3 Needs 'The Right UK Team'

So It May Not Be Under Active Development

Let's start with the good news: Microsoft is keen to bring the Crackdown franchise to a new console generation by finding a UK-based team who are up to the challenge, and bring a distinctly British feel to the cel-shaded sandbox fun factory.

The bad news, however, is that Crackdown 3 may not actually be under development yet.

Following weeks of rumours and potential leaks, Eurogamer confronted Microsoft Studios head honcho Phil Spencer about the long-anticipated sequel. "It was one of my favourite games on Xbox 360," he told them. "We did a really nice job on the first one. The second one, I wish we'd have given it more time to build out the complete game."

Spencer suggested that Crackdown's fun-packed open sandbox world be a perfect fit for the Xbox One, allowing players to raise hell together.

"When I think about the technology we're putting into Xbox One specifically around some of the cloud functionality, there's a real opportunity to take an open world game like Crackdown that allowed you to play with your friends, and roam to all corners of the city and still feel like you're playing together," he said.

"There's a real neat opportunity to bring that genre and game forward onto the new generation."

Unfortunately, Spencer has thrown a weighty gallon of water onto rumours of an imminent reveal by suggesting that they're still looking for the right crew to develop it, despite owning Scotland-based Crackdown 2 developers Ruffian Games.

"We want to get the right team," he explained. "We want to make sure we have the right creative mastermind behind the title.'

"There was a nice UK sensibility to the way the game was developed. I think that's important to the franchise as well."

It's good to know that Microsoft are seeking British talent, but this comes as somewhat dishearting to those of us who are good and ready for a next-gen sequel. Since Rare are arguably the only studio Microsoft owns that fits the bill, we may have a long wait on our hands.

Who, in a perfect world, would you task with Crackdown 3?

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