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Microsoft Demands Censorship Of Leaked Xbox 720 'Roadmap' Document

Jonathan Lester
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Microsoft Demands Censorship Of Leaked Xbox 720 'Roadmap' Document

So, It's Probably Legit?

Remember that Microsoft 'roadmap' document that leaked out at the beginning of the week? The one that reportedly spilled the beans on Kinect 2.0, a Blu-Ray Drive, Smartglass, augmented reality glasses and a £200 price tag? You know, the one that seemed too good to be true?

Well, a law firm retained by Microsoft has been demanding that sites remove the document from their servers, thus strongly suggesting that - at least at one stage - it belonged to the technology giant. They've even given it a name: the "IEB Roadmap."

Law firm Covington & Birling LLP asked Scribd to take down the IEB Roadmap (which stands for Interactive Entertainment Business division), who originally hosted the document on Monday. This outfit retains Microsoft as one of its clients, who have themselves been asking other media outlets [via Eurogamer.cz] to desist after running stories on based on the roadmap. This sort of behaviour, coupled with the total lack of a straightforward denial, would be inexplicable if Microsoft weren't the original owners of the IEB Roadmap... and if it wasn't legit.

Naturally this doesn't mean that the document is set in stone, and that everything contained within will come to pass. It's dated 2010, first of all, and may have since been replaced by a new and markedly different strategy. Either way, though, it's an interesting insight into what the Xbox 720 could offer next year - and we've still got a PDF copy online if you want to read it.

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condracky  Jun. 21, 2012 at 18:13

Inb4 you get asked to take it down.

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