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Microsoft Dismiss Valve Competition Threat

Matt Gardner
Console wars, Don Mattrick, Gabe Newell, Microsoft, Valve

Microsoft Dismiss Valve Competition Threat

Does Microsoft see Valve as a competitor in the battle for the living room? Not really. Don Mattrick, Xbox president of Interactive Entertainment, has stated rather emphatically that although Valve are clearly  looking to innovate in that space, Microsoft's main competition will arise from more traditional, familiar names.

Asked straight out by the Verge as to whether or not he viewed Valve as a competitor, Mattrick simply answered "no" beforegoing on to admit that Gabe Newell and his company are "doing some innovative stuff".

"The scale of products and things that are being brought to market are probably a little bit richer when I look at Sony, Nintendo, Apple, and Google," Mattrick.

Then again, Newell hasn't exactly been dishing out the praise when it comes to Microsoft and their products, and he himself admitted that it's Apple whom Valve have in their sights.

For what it's worth, Mattrick does have a healthy respect for Newell, who received a BAFTA Fellowship award this week.

"I love Gabe, I was there for his lifetime achievement award so it's wonderful to see what [Valve] are creating."

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Late  Mar. 7, 2013 at 14:24

Inference - "the players are in place - there's not going to be a new major competitor break into the console market with a serious contender" says Microsoft, who did exactly that a decade ago...

sits69  Mar. 7, 2013 at 15:29

Yeeaaaaaap, you keep telling yourself that, Don, whilst you're wondering in a few years why I'm only buying Durango exclusives on my Durango, and all my multi-platforms on my Steambox.

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