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Microsoft E3 2011 Conference | Ghost Recon Future Soldier Demo

Josh Clark
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Microsoft E3 2011 Conference | Ghost Recon Future Soldier Demo

Never ones to disappoint with their explosive CGI trailers, Ubisoft treated us to an impressive display for Ghost Recon Future Soldier.  Two Soldiers, outfitted with active camouflage and a mysterious portable flying death-machine take down half a battalion of enemy troops almost instantaneously.  Gratuitous use of slo-mo and fast zooms enhance the feel of effortless badassery we've come to associate with Tom Clancy protagonists, and give us a glimpse at the kind of toys we'll have at our disposal when it comes time to step into the shoes of the Ghosts.

We've known for a short while now that Future Soldier was going to feature Kinect integration, but it was unclear exactly how Ubisoft were making use of Microsoft's little black box.  Well, today's demo showed off how menu systems will be traversed using both voice recognition and hand gestures.  Nothing spectacular, you're probably thinking, until you see how in-depth Ghost Recon's weapon customisation feature is.  You're now able to change almost every aspect of your weapon, right down to the internal components.  The demonstrator showed how voice commands could be used to select weapon sets, and how hand gestures could be used to assign components.  It was all very impressive stuff, and runs the risk of making button-based menu systems look archaic.

Microsoft E3 2011 Conference | Ghost Recon Future Soldier Demo

Hardly the most efficient move in the Ghost arsenal, but effective nonetheless

Secondly, Ubisoft showcased the body tracking technology, which will be used on the virtual field of battle itself.  Leaning in one direction caused the on-screen character to strafe accordingly, and hand gestures could be used to reload, aim, and fire your weapon.  The aiming looked a little tricky, but will no doubt be tweaked before Ghost Recon's release.

Yves Guillemot, who was on-hand at the presentation, stated that all future Tom Clancy games would be making use of the Kinect.  Not sure how Sam Fisher's next outing could benefit from it, but the interrogation sequences would be a lot more harrowing...

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StauntonLick  Jun. 9, 2011 at 13:41

This looks like the best candidate for my long-hoped for controller/kinect integration. For instance, using the controller as normal but using a hand gesture to throw a grenade - the angle of your throw translating into the game as the arc of the grenade.

The weapon customization is a gimmick through and through, and the firing range looked awkward and unnatural. Integrate some of these aspects with a traditional controller though and we could be on to a winner here...

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