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Microsoft E3 2011 Conference | Mass Effect 3 Kinect Demo

Felix Kemp
E3 2011, Games news, Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3

Microsoft E3 2011 Conference | Mass Effect 3 Kinect Demo

EA took to the stage, with Peter Moore inviting Bioware's Ray Muzyka to show off Mass Effect 3, which now features full-on Kinect support. Opening on the Salarian homeworld, Shepard meets fan-favorite Mordin. Mass Effect 3 uses Kinect's voice-recognition tech, where you deliver the questions to the game which Shepard then translates on-screen.

You can also order your teammates in combat with vocal commands, as Bioware showed off some in-game footage from ME 3. The combat looks meaty and visceral, and the voice commands are sure to free up the finicky squad controls. The firefight is short but sweet, ending with a tease at an encounter with a colossal mech.

It was an amazing reveal, to be honest. Confirming Microsoft's ambition to merge Kinect with their core line-up. We'll have more for you from the show-floor.

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