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"Xbox, It's On" - Xbox One Comes Out Swinging With International Indie Cred

Jonathan Lester
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"Xbox, It's On" - Xbox One Comes Out Swinging With International Indie Cred

Here's The Roster: From Double Fine To Comcept & Zeboyd

Microsoft took an age to reveal the extent of their support for independent developers on Xbox One, but after a few awkward and embarrassing weeks, they finally unveiled the [email protected] scheme that gives indie studios large and small the opportunity to get onto the platform - with every console capable of functioning as a dev kit.

Developers from "more than fifty" countries have now signed up to the scheme, from Canadian Capy Games to Japanese Comcept, Dutch Vlambeer, German Crytek and British Born Ready Games and Team 17. Double Fine rubs shoulders with tiny teams like Zeboyd Studios and one-man outfits such as Jamie Fristrom's Happion Labs, who's working on a crazy gravity defying platformer.

FINALLY. Microsoft were the driving force behind getting indie games into the living room last generation, so it's about time they got involved.

Let's take a look at Xbox One's upcoming indie champions: both in terms of what they've previously developed, what they've confirmed and what they're probably working on.

Behaviour Interactive

The developers behind Doritos Crash Course are likely to be working on something similar for the Xbox One: hopefully a surprisingly fun and pleasingly free minigame collection.


Bongfish are best known for the most recent (and amazing) Motocross Madness game, as well as Harm's Way, another free and surprisingly decent XBLA title. With luck, they're planning on bringing similar experiences to Xbox One.

Born Ready

The creators of Strike Suit Zero plan to reveal new games in 2014. I hope more than anything that they plan to bring gorgeous space sims to Xbox One. More than ANYTHING. But we'll have to wait and see (I'll ask in the meantime, naturally).


Capy are working on Below: the impressive roguelike we saw at the Gamescom presser.

They're also developing Super Time Force on Xbox 360, which needs to come out already, since it looks absolutely SENSATIONAL. Its lack of release date makes me wonder whether an Xbox One version might also be in the works.


This is Keiji Inafune's company, who previously developed Soul Sacrifice on Vita.


Just buy 'em, Microsoft.

Definition 6 (Chris Hecker)

Chris Hecker is an industry legend. He worked on Windows 3.5, developed the globe in Encarta world atlas (remember that?), put in a shift at Maxis and now consults on various gamey things while not working for GDC.

He's also working on a game called SpyParty, which is headed to Xbox One.

Double Fine

You know who they are. We suspect that Broken Age will probably come to Xbox One at some point, though other projects are likely in the pipeline.


This Canadian team brought us Guacamelee earlier this year, so we're excited to see what they've got in store for Xbox One. We'd be happy with Guacamelee 2, though frankly, we love to see indie studios innovate rather than sequelize.

Gaijin Games

Bit.Trip. Bit.Trip. Bit.Trip. YESSSSS


Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 seems like a good place to start, before giving us Collossatron and Jetpack Joyride 2: Jetpack Harder. That last one is pure fantasy. My fantasy.

Happion Labs

Jamie Fristrom Kickstarted Energy Hook earlier this year, a fun concept that takes inspiration from Spider-Man 2's web swinging. It's a game about that. We can't wait.

Hidden Path Entertainment

Defense Grid 2 on Xbox One? We think so.

High Voltage Software

High Voltage have been around for a while and are difficult to predict. They found modest success with The Conduit on Wii, but also helped out with the PS4 version of Injustice: Gods Among Us... I don't know. I just don't know.


These rhythm game specialists brought us Gitaroo Man, Lips and The Black Eyed Peas Experience. It's a good bet that they're working on a Karaoke title for Xbox One.

Iron Galaxy

Iron Galaxy are bringing PS3/Vita exclusive DiveKick to the Xbox One. It's pretty good. Calm down fanboys.

The Men Who Wear Many Hats

This charming trio of dapper chaps developed the always-entertaining Organ Trail, and are currently working on Max Gentleman - a hat simulator. Yes.


As an indie developer and publisher who brought us Cave Story and Night Sky, they're impossible to predict, but it'll be fun finding out what they're working on. Better yet, they should be well-placed to help other indies onto the platform.

Ninja Bee

Kelflings. Expect Kelflings.

The Odd Gentlemen

Having previously developed The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, The Odd Gentleman are actually working with Neil Gaiman at the moment on Wayward Manor. It's only slated for PC so far, but who knows.

Other Ocean

We suspect that Other Ocean are developing compatible Windows 8 games and apps, that should be playable across the Windows ecosystem.

Panic Button

Panic Button effectively act as contractors and troubleshooters, helping out on any number of titles. They've got a finger in all manner of pies, from Kinect Star Wars to Injustice, Disney Infinity and Ms Splosion Man. Their own output is likely to come to the Windows 8 ecosystem... though they are working on a motion-controlled boxing game.

Yeah, that's probably the one. Big Time Boxing is tentatively slated for next year.

Slightly Mad Studio

These racing game veterans are currently working on Project CARS for a number of platforms. The Xbox One is now one of them.

Team 17

Good old Team17 are in the self-publishing biz, and aren't willing to talk specifics. We would very much like more Worms, mind, especially since Xbox One can effortlessly sign in the controller as we pass it around the room.

Also, decent remakes. Also, Superfrog. Also... please just give us nice things rather than mediocre Alien Breed revamps, eh?

Team Colorblind

Colorblind are working on an "incredibly violent" monochromatic game called Aztez. Looks rad.


We expect that Wasteland Kings will probably make an appearance on Xbox One at some point.

Way Forward

These inconsistent Californians are capable of great things (Mighty Switch Force, Aliens: Infestation) and terrible foolish errors (an enormity of licensed crap), so fingers crossed for the former.

Zeboyd Games

It's fitting that Robert Boyd and co. have signed up to develop on Xbox One, since he originally found fame for his superb Xbox Live Indie RPGs. He's currently working on Cosmic Star Heroine, a game

Zen Studios

Good old Zen, doing the business. We'd very much like pinball as a matter of priority, thanks muchly.

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Late  Dec. 9, 2013 at 14:54

How did I miss this article?...
Some great developers there! Well done Microsoft :D

Good call on Capy bringing Super Time Force to xb One. Looks great. (EDIT - I mean the game looks great fun. Thought I should just clarify that before the ps4 fanboys come along and say it looks like it's running at a similar resolution to every other xb1 game :p )

Crash Course and Harms Way both went down very well in my house - great local multiplayer, but with online leaderboards so you can compete with your friends. Would be happy to see more of the same on the one.

Defence Grid was definitely in my top three favourite game downloads last generation. I'd be all over a sequel on the One.

And of course I'm looking forward to anything Boyd comes up with - loved everything he released on the 360. :D

Last edited by Late, Dec. 9, 2013 at 14:59

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