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Microsoft Won't "Force" Kinect Into Core Gaming

Felix Kemp
Kinect, Microsoft
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Microsoft Won't "Force" Kinect Into Core Gaming

At their E3 2011 conference, Microsoft unveiled ambitious plans to integrate Kinect functionality into a number of upcoming core titles, such as Fable The Journey and Crytek's Ryse. The reaction was decidedly mixed, especially in regards to the former, with many labeling it a case of MS shoehorning Kinect into their games. Not so, according to the Redmond software giant, who claim they won't ever "force" Kinect on their developers.

"I think one part of Kinect is making sure that Kinect is relevant for whatever audience you have," Xbox CFO Dennis Durkin told Industry Gamers. "We certainly have a core audience. We want to make sure that Kinect experiences are great for them. But the key word in that is experiences. And it’s got to be experience driven." Durkin explains that Microsoft aren't simply instructing developers to ditch the controller and adopt Kinect as the only option; instead, they're asking them to experiment and implement, tapping into what Durkin calls "the other end of the spectrum".

"We’re not trying to force anything," he reiterates. He mentions Mass Effect 3 as an example of Kinect bolstering, rather than replacing, the existing controller scheme, using its powerful voice-recognition tech to command your troops. "f people want to do it and they think it enhances the experience, I think consumers will embrace it and they’ll do it, but that’s the bar that they’ll expect. And there will be a bunch of experimentation, some of it will work and some of it won’t. The things that work, people will emulate and they’ll chase and the things that don’t, people will try other experiments."

Microsoft played it safe with Kinect's launch, the likes of Kinect Sports and Adventures following a road paved by Nintendo's success with the Wii's opening salvo. Slowly but surely, however, with the likes of Child of Eden, Mass Effect 3 and Ryse, Microsoft is gradually including Kinect in an all-encompassing plan to change the very way we play games. And for that, they deserve some praise. [Industry Gamers]

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