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Microsoft On Forza 5 & Ryse: There's 'Nothing Better On A Competing Platform'

Jonathan Lester
Forza 5, Microsoft, Ryse, Xbox One

Microsoft On Forza 5 & Ryse: There's 'Nothing Better On A Competing Platform'

Microsoft's product director Albert Penello believes that the Xbox One's launch titles have no equal on any competing platform, while reiterating his argument that games are more important than on-paper specifications. Well, he would say that I suppose.

“I was famously chastised for saying in an interview once that comparing hardware specs was meaningless," Penello told Rev3, referring to an statement he made back in May. "And my point with that is, the people who are speculating on this are not our hardware engineers, and we’re not Sony’s hardware engineers. They’re doing things in their hardware to make it the best that they can. We’re doing things in our hardware to make it the best that we can.

“I don’t believe that the difference between these two platforms is [as] significant as comparing individual components. I’m a big car fan, how is it that a 300 or 400 horsepower Porsche can be faster than a 700 horsepower Corvette? It’s balance. there’s different things that you put in the system to make the performance the same, but you make different trade offs. When it comes to RAM, they made one decision on RAM, we made another.

“When I look at these games, I don’t see a difference," he concluded. "And I know there are a lot of people that want to compare those things on paper, and look at these individual components, but for me it comes down to the games, it comes down to the experiences. And I look at games like Ryse, I look at Forza, I don’t see anything better on a competing platform that I’m seeing there.”

We're still not sold on Ryse - at all - but the Xbox One certainly has a strong launch lineup thanks in no small part to some EA deals.

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DrTrouserPlank  Sep. 6, 2013 at 12:40

.... except for God of War and Gran Turismo; two last-gen titles incidentally.

Late  Sep. 6, 2013 at 13:34

You can't realistically compare last generation's "God of War" games with the fancy-pants future generation's fully-Kinnectified "Ryse: Son of Rome"!

GoW looks good!

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