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Microsoft @ Gamescom 2014: What To Expect, Where To Watch

Jonathan Lester
Gamescom 2014, Microsoft, Xbox One, Xbox One Games

Microsoft @ Gamescom 2014: What To Expect, Where To Watch

Press Conference Starts: 13:00 BST, Tuesday August 12th

Watch Live: Xbox.com

Following months of cleaning house and a surprisingly strong showing at E3, Spencer and co. need to build on their momentum with a cracking Gamescom lineup. As always they're set to kick off an afternoon of press conferences and reveals, so will need to go big from the start or go back to Redmond with tails firmly between legs. So what should we expect from the conference?

Well, that official banner at the top of this article gives us a fairly decent idea! Let's review.

Since Microsoft was kind enough to give us a visual cheat sheet, it would be rude not to do things in order...

Scalebound | Platinum Games are legendary when it comes to responsive and superb brawlers. The promise of a powerful dragon ally is seriously exciting, so here's hoping for some live gameplay rather than another CG trailer.

Halo | We'll probably see more of the Master Chief Collection, but a Halo 5 trailer will bring the house down.

Phantom Dust? More original Xbox remakes/reboots? Re-releases? Backwards compatibility? This one, I'm afraid, is guesswork based on the original Xbox logo. I suspect that Microsoft will show us more of Phantom Dust and perhaps another reboot of a blast from the past (please please please be Otogi: Myth Of Demons or Phantom Crash), but could instead be planning to re-reveal some ports of classic Xbox games or even some sort of reality-defying backwards compatibility.

Microsoft @ Gamescom 2014: What To Expect, Where To Watch

Dragon Age: Inquisition | Hopefully more than a lame cello recital.

Fable: Legends | The franchise that refuses to die, but probably should, is back to terrorise us with its voice acting.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt | This one confounded me until I compared fonts... that "m" is actually the Witcher's "w" inverted. We need Geralt's next adventure madly.

Evolve | Turtle Rock's shooter has been delayed into next year, but the beta is still Xbox exclusive. Will it proceed on schedule?

Microsoft @ Gamescom 2014: What To Expect, Where To Watch

Sunset Overdrive | Too cool for school, but we still can't wait.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare | House of CoDs.

Ori & The Blind Forest | This gorgeous-looking platformer captured our attention and imaginations at E3. Here's hoping for a left-field masterpiece.

Microsoft @ Gamescom 2014: What To Expect, Where To Watch

Quantum Break | Reaching, perhaps, but the font looks identical. More to the point, Microsoft promised that Remedy's anticipated transmedia title would show up at Gamescom.

FIFA 15| The beautiful game?

Far Cry 4 | Did I ever tell you... the definition... of racist? Because this ain't it! We can't wait for Far Cry 4 and its Himalayan shenanigans.

Microsoft @ Gamescom 2014: What To Expect, Where To Watch

A strong showing indeed, but hopefully we can also expect some surprises. Perhaps including...

  • A Gears Of War teaser? To be honest, Black Tusk should probably spend more than half a year developing the game before releasing a teaser, but you never know.
  • White Xbox One Console? This one seems like a dead cert given recent retailer leaks, but could be dealt with in post-show press releases.
  • Talking about the TV Tuner? Well, they already announced it.
  • A new Rare game? Go on, announce a new Conker title, not just Project Spark content...
  • Project Spark? Probably worth mentioning.
  • Blinx: The Time Sweeper 2? The sequel nobody wanted for one of the best games nobody played.

That's our bet. Make yours in the comments, and tell us what you're most looking forward to!

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Late  Aug. 11, 2014 at 10:58

I'm most looking forward to seeing more of that Irish lass with the name I can neither spell nor pronounce (despite it being written in that video and her saying it aloud).
Cyber-perving aside, though...

Some sort of magical backwards compatibility would be nice. I know it can't happen, but I still want it. It's probably the only way I'll ever get my backlog of xbox360 games played. There's some cracking looking games there just gathering dust, while I'm sat around bemoaning the fact I have nothing to play on my One.

(Fire up the 360, Late!)

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