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Microsoft: Indie Development "Very, Very Important"

Matt Gardner
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Microsoft: Indie Development "Very, Very Important"

More mixed messages from Microsoft.

Despite stating that the Xbox One's approach to XBLA will match that of its predecessor -- which is to say, developers will not be able to self-publish -- Microsoft have hinted at a future for Xbox LIVE Indie Games, and said that indie development is "very, very important" to the company.

It could all be corporate doublespeak, but given how much attention and freedom Sony and Nintendo appear to be affording indie devs, can Microsoft really ignore this sector as they have on the Xbox 360?

"When I think back a little over our history and I think about Xbox Live Arcade and how that was designed to give independent developers a platform, when I think about Xbox Live Indie Games and hobbyists going and creating their own games, these things are in our DNA, and will absolutely remain unamended for us with regards to the new platform," said UK marketing director Harvey Eagle.

"It's a platform built to allow people to develop great content, irrespective of their funding model, irrespective of the size of the team, and irrespective of the difference in which costumers can purchase that content. It's very, very important."

Asked by Digital Spy if this meant that we might see a return for Xbox Live Indie Games on the next-gen console, which has been in a state of limbo since the XNA dev tools were scrapped, Eagle said to "stay tuned" and that there would be "more to share on that in the coming weeks".

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