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Microsoft: Indies Will Have Full Access To Xbox One RAM, Better Search Tools

Jonathan Lester
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Microsoft: Indies Will Have Full Access To Xbox One RAM, Better Search Tools

Microsoft's Phil Spencer has been busy tweeting following yesterday's Xbox One self-publishing revelations, doing his best to assure some of the more vocal critics that indie developers won't be treated as second-class citizens.

Perhaps mindful of a tirade from Retro City Rampage creator Brian Provinciano, who alleged that indie studios would only be able to use the Xbox One's 3GB Windows RAM partition, Spencer confirmed that no resources will be withheld.

"Goals is to allow devs access to full pool of resources available," he tweeted, "no indie RAM limit."

Spencer also addressed concerns over discoverability, in that the current Xbox Live Indie marketplace tends to bury quality content under reams of weaker software. Zeboyd Games' Robert Boyd and Curve Studios have been rather vocal about the issue, but apparently Microsoft has been working on improved search tools and ways to elevate deserving games above the crowd.

"We are committed to creating a search tools and marketplace pivots to allow you to find games you'll like," Spencer continued. "More details to come. Likely pivot is "Most Popular" giving you a view of what people are buying regardless of how pub'd"

We'll learn more at Gamescom, where Microsoft are set to make their full announcement. Like many developers out there, we reckon that this is a great idea, and one that Microsoft needs to fully embrace over the coming months and years.

[via CVG]

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