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Microsoft Kinect (With Kinect Adventures) £114.85 @ Zavvi [Xbox 360 Games]

Felix Kemp
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Microsoft Kinect (With Kinect Adventures) £114.85 @ Zavvi [Xbox 360 Games]

Kinect is due to drop on our shores in November, and if you're one of the few optimistic customers willing to put down money in advance, you can pick up the Kinect sensor, plus Rare's Kinect Adventures title, for £114.85 at Zavvi, if you input the voucher code ZAVVIFIVE when prompted.

This is the cheapest deal you can find for this particular bundle at the moment, although I'm positive we'll see something of a price-drop within a month of Kinect's release. I may be wrong, as I didn't anticipate the Wii's success, but I seriously doubt Kinect will fly with most consumers, considering it's ludicrous price-point and affiliation with the mostly adult-centric 360.

But if you're in need of persuading, I can rattle away the Kinect sensors features. As a piece of technology, it's a mouth-watering prospect. Depth-sensing cameras, bolstered by a powerful array of gesture-based algorithms that can read your every move. As well as seeing you, Kinect can hear you too, and responds to verbal commands, from PAUSE FILM to PLAY MUSIC. You can sift through the 360 dashboard with a swipe of your hand, or instruct your Xbox to play a certain artist's song.

Before E3, Kinect was a hotly anticipated product, riding a wave of optimism above the murky depths of doubt. The Wii had failed to capitalize on the potential of motion-controls, but Kinect looked to take it a step further, mapping your entire body's movement. Then E3 came around, and all Microsoft had to show for their amazing tech were Wii-style ripoffs, such as the aforementioned Kinect Adventures. No doubt it'll be fun, simply being able to hurl a virtual bowling-ball with no controller and watch as it tumbles down the alley. But considering the potential, of full-body recognition, Microsoft's insistence on casual party-games suggests the company doesn't want to drive the industry into the next level. Instead, it wants to stake as big a claim possible in the Wii's market, and hope to steal some of Nintendo's rampant success. Oh well.

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