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Microsoft Paid For Tales Of Vesperia Exclusivity

Felix Kemp
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Microsoft Paid For Tales Of Vesperia Exclusivity

We're well aware that in their effort to eek out a foothold in the competitive console market, Microsoft has on numerous times shelled out lump sums of cash in order to secure exclusive rights to a number of properties, from GTA 4 post-release content to Call of Duty map packs. But it has now emerged that they also paid for the exclusive rights to ensure Namco Bandai's Tales of Vesperia remained an Xbox 360 exclusive; in the West, at least.

Charlotte Toci, who is Namco's Community Manager in Europe, revealed the news in a candid series of exchanges on her official Facebook page. "Microsoft paid for the exclusivity the same way Sony paid for having Heavy Rain only on PS3," she reveals in a conversation with some fans of the Tales series wondering when the PS3 version would make its way to North America and Europe. "It's just one way the business works, sadly".

It's an interesting revelation, not least in regards to Heavy Rain. In recent years, Microsoft's ambition to find some success in Japan has waned, but dial the clock back a bit and they were pretty ruthless in their spending, securing numerous partnerships and prying exclusives from Sony's slacking grip. The Tales purchase was a smart, if underhand, move, and resulted in a mild spike in sales for the 360 in Japan.

"Those decisions are made really high up y'know and that it was out of our hands," laments Toci. PS3 owners in America hoping to see Tales of Vesperia hit their local videogame store shelves shouldn't hold their breath, it seems. [RPG Site]

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